At some indefinable point some watches stop being just a device for telling the time and change into a wearable work of art. It is difficult to describe when that happens, but most of us will recognise a luxury and collectible watch when we see it. It is not just the name, but the way it looks and the way it has been put together is also important.

Some companies manage to combine style and superb craftsmanship in one beautiful luxurious little package. Bueche Girod gold watches for instance will never go out of fashion. Their appeal is timeless. If you are looking to make an investment in a beautiful watch there are some companies, Bueche Girod is one to keep an eye on.

Take your time. Decide what you like in a particular watch, not what you think you should be wearing. Luxury watches can be expensive – used Bueche Girod watches can cost around £1500 each – but if you do buy a quality piece you can rest assured it will hold its value.

Make sure you buy the watch because you like it, not because you think it will be a good investment. A wristwatch is in a way an item of clothing and, like other items of clothing, if you think it looks good on you it will make you feel better and boost your confidence. It is a bit like having an excellent pair of bespoke shoes, the quality has a reassuring feel.

Take a very good look at the watch before you buy. It should have a solid feeling of high-level craftsmanship. One tip is to ask the retailer how long it takes to make one. A quality watch will take longer to make than cheap ones which can be produced by the million. The luxury watch you buy should not only be able to be appreciated as beautiful but also as an achievement of highly precise watchmaking expertise.

If you are looking for Bueche Girod watches in Southport, we have a range of quality second hand or used watches to choose from. View our range on the website, or pop into the store in Southport to see the physical products!

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