Swiss watches are renowned around the world for their elegance, innovative design features and overall sense of quality and style, and one of the finest Swiss watch-makers is undoubtedly Ebel. An iconic brand in the world of fine Swiss watches, this highly successful company was founded over a hundred years ago, in 1911, by husband-and-wife team, Eugene and Alice in their home town of La-Chaux-de-Fonds.

Combining Eugene’s technical know-how with Alice’s keen eye for aesthetic detail, the pair began creating signature wrist watches which soon became synonymous with beauty, efficiency and sophistication. In fact, Ebel watches remain highly popular to this day, a fact which attests to their quality and cements their business’s place in history as being one of the most prestigious names in the world of fine Swiss watch-making.

Not only have they produced many spectacular watches over the years, but Ebel is also known for their pioneering techniques and designs. As well as being the first company to use the Western Electric System, Ebel was the favoured watch brand of the British Royal Air Force. The company has received a number of industry accolades and awards throughout the years and, amongst other achievements, patented double folding clasps on watches with leather straps. They were also the first to produce stainless steel watches embedded with diamonds and have released collections aimed at women, which are breath-taking in their delicacy and beauty.

In recent years the Ebel watch company has released a number of new collections, including Ebel Wave and Ebel Sport, and in 2011 the company celebrated its centennial with a commemorative collection of limited edition pieces. If you are interested in the brand and are wondering how you can purchase second hand Ebel watches, there are several websites that offer a selection of used Ebel watches at a variety of prices, depending on the model.

Here at Prestige Diamonds, we are selling Ebel watches in Southport. If you’re in the area why not come into our store on Lord Street and pay us a visit? You can view our range of second hand, new and used watches and see which one looks good on you. If you’re not in the area, fear not as you can browse our website and view detailed information about each of our watches, and then call us up if you would like to make a purchse, or require more informaiton.

If you want a watch which epitomises timeless elegance and over a century of technical skill and prowess, an Ebel is the one for you.

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